So does having a large amount

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of neck inlays on your guitar make it sound better, or worse?




  1. Hi Aaron

    Guitar inlays are more as markers than anything else. It doesn't make the sound any better. The proof....... violins and fretless instruments don't have any and the sound is probably better.

    Look at classical guitars. No inlays whatsoever.

  2. Most people can't tell  the difference in tone, either way.  I think, technically, the more inlay the less amount of resonance you would get from the neck. I still don't think it would be enough to make an audible difference to most people.  Take care.

  3. neck inlays are supposed to make your sound come out more i think.  so if they make your sound better, then that should make you sound better playing it.  so i would say it would make it sound better.  but i mnot sure, so you might want to look it up.

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