Small brown bugs in bathroom

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  1. Tiny hard shell brown bug in kitchen ( looks like they do not any legs but I saw one fly a small distance.. in kitchen closet and looks like crumbs were bought in... and on walls..........

  2. These seem like the same bugs that we have in our bathrooms!  Slow moving, brown, shaped like this -> 0 , with a noticeably seperate head.  They are usually on the floors, but sometimes on the wall.  I've found one in my towel....and worse, I've started seeing a few in our bedroom!  I found some in our bedroom garbage can...on the very bottom.  We only throw away dry items in our bedroom garbage.  Also recently saw 2 on my bedroom wall and ONE IN MY DRAWER ON MY SHIRT!!!!  Now that is where I draw the line.

    Should I be worried that we are running into an infestation?  I probably kill about 7 in the bathroom everyday for almost a month.  Both our bathrooms have them.

    Please help, I now inspect every single little brown spot in our house!  I'm going crazy! Haha!  If anyone can help any further, please let me know.

    For now, I'll buy that spray that walter suggested above.

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