Slick Sian set to shine in Golden Sprint (Heat 6) – Romford Preview

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Slick Sian set to shine in Golden Sprint (Heat 6) – Romford Preview
Slick Sian seems to be in the most favourable position to make a big impact at Romford racecourse where she is going to show her guts for the act title of the Heat 6 of Millennium Stand Bookmakers Golden Sprint on Friday night, April 6.
The K. Allsop-trained black b***h will face Black Silver, Rockchase Jack, Nans Turbo, Guinness Bandit and Dynamo Joe in the high-stakes Open Race over 400m Flat distance. The £150 event is scheduled to commence at 21:06.
Slick Sian has been enjoying great form for last six months. The brilliant b***h excellently accomplished a fabulous hat-trick during October-November 2011.
She moved forward to bag a couple of consecutive victories in the first month of the calendar year. The three-year-old young runner won four races in a row during March.
Overall, the son of Droopys Scolari out of Kelmar Miss possesses an epic track record. Her marvellous success streaks have put her in a favourable position in the betting market.
As far as tonight’s showdown is concerned, the maverick sprinter is expected to unleash an invincible run and outplay her rivals to add 5th straight victory to her career chart. Slick Sian’s chances to finish first are as high as 97 percent.
However, some of her competitors like Nans Turbo and Rockchase Jack can give her enough tough time on the track.
Nans Turbo won two consecutive races each in the last two months. Prior to this, the E. Gaskin-trained black dog had bagged a big victory by 3-length margin on January 18. He had a number of classic feats during the last year as well.
Rockchase Jack achieved a fantastic hat-trick in March 2012. The son of Slip The Lark out of Mountjoy Diamond owns enough fighting spirit which will surely held him do well in the coming contest.
Though there will be a rip-roaring clash at Romford tonight but success is likely to fall in the lap of Slick Sian provided she manages to maintain her winning momentum. Good luck to the b***h.
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