Sir Terry Matthews intent on breaking previous record by holding the biggest Ryder Cup event ever Part I

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Sir Terry Matthews intent on breaking previous record by holding the biggest Ryder Cup event ever Part I
The first minister, Carwyn Jones, said that the upcoming event at Wales is one the biggest golf festivals due to be held, and will be the largest to be staged until now. The claim by the minister is much easier to understand by those people who have had
the honour to breach the cordon of security at the Celtic Manor. The event that is been the talk of the town for a while is only a fortnight away. The Celtic Manor Chairman, Sir Terry Matthews, says that the Ryder Cup event that stands at 38 in its occurrence
and for its preparation had more than 1000 working long and hard to put this event into a smooth play.
The Usk Valley, which was once known a rather sleepy section, is now swarming with different colours of life. A jungle of grandstands, TV Towers, hospitality complexes and media centres have transformed the drowsy section of the valley.
The whole magnitude of the transformation which has engulfed this sluggish section has been very effectively summed up by Brian Huggett. The 1977 captain defined the scale by saying that it seems as if they have a town which is brand new. He has previously
played the role as a consultant course designer, which took most his most trips to the 2010 course. The Welsh Professional further added that in fact, this ‘is’ a new city. Any overstatement with regard to Newport is acceptable since this round includes a
crowd which is twice in number. The total number of people which are estimated to attend the Ryder Cup event on the 1st of October till the 3rd is 50,000 and considering such a crowd size in a 260,000 populated place, any hyperbole is
acceptable from Huggett.
Sir Terry Matthews is the man who needs to be focused upon. Consider it his mission, his dream, his goal to host this event but this is not all. The Celtic Manor Chairman is set on hosting an event that is the biggest-ever and breaks all previous records,
with such a goal seems like Sir Terry may be able to break the record.
The previous match which held the biggest crowd in any golf match was recorded in the books in the year 2006. The total number of people who attended the event was recorded as 45,000 at the K Club. Sir Terry Matthews is set on breaking this record and although
this local hero is all eager to fit the golfing masses in the golf club, this seems questionable.
According to Sir Terry, the match in 1999 at Brooklyn was highly ridiculous and a whole lot of embarrassing since he couldn’t see much.  He said that the he has such an opinion about the match at Brooklyn because only it wasn’t that he couldn’t see at all,
it was just that he couldn’t move either. Concerning this time’s match, Sir Terry has assured to all the masses out there that the course is able enough to manage such an amount of crowd and the spectators will be able to see what is going on. 
If what Sir Terry is stating stands true, then all hail to him since this will be an event that is very tough to manage. Colin Montgomerie, however, had his reservations at the time he was appointed as the home captain and he still has. When the Scot was
told about the plan that was about to go underway, Montgomerie breathed a sigh of relief thanking God that this wasn’t him doing all the arrangements. He is sceptical of the 50,000 mass watching some foursomes, and believes that he should wish the spectators
good luck in every way possible.  He said that moving the crowd up and down the valley will be a work of art.   



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