Simple and cute hairstyles for school?

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Okay so I am starting my new school year tomorrow. (9th) I need some hairstyles I can do everyday. My hair is at my shoulders. Brown. Please Help!






  1. You can pull your hair into a pony tail, then loosen it off. Twist the hair and roughly twist it to form a bun. Loosen parts and backcomb it for a messy look.

    Also a side braid with twisted bangs and a flower also looks cute.

    Hope I helped xx

  2. For short hair, you should straighten all your hair and a little bit above the line of your eyebrows..take your hair and put it 1/4 way up. It's like half way but it doesn't show your ears. Then clip it up leaving a little volume in the back. Use hairspray and you're done!

  3. my hair always looks really cute straightened, with half of my side bangs pulled out and the rest of my bangs are pinned back , almost to look like i have half my hair up and the rest down never up that much up! hope it helps(((:

  4. right this is just a simple hair-do:)

    Brush your fringe on one side.

    then- brush the rest of your hair back leaving the fringe.

    do it in a high pony tail and then brush it.

    wrap it around and then clip it down tightly.

    {if this dont work then put a disguised bobble around it}

    then you have your bun.

    if you want it messy-

    backcomb it and then pull bits out-

    easy as pie.  hoped i helped;D xx

  5. Do a half pony tail so tie half your hair up at the top. Then add accesories like bows and hairclips!!! if your not allowed to wear your hair out at school tie it up into a pony tail but still witht half pony. So use 2 elastics. Tie half of it and then tie again into a pony tail! I do this all the time!!! At school i have 2 tie it up and then i do it on the weekends with my hair out!!! Really pretty and simple. No hair straighteners or curlers needed. I have the same length hair and colour and if u know wat ur doing only takes abourt 5 mins. Good Luck!!!



      do your hair like this


  6. i like guesr525s idea

  7. Bohemian waves are always good :)



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  9. i need help with hair i hate ponytails and buns and i don't have bangs and i have medium brown hair please help me

  10. Hi! Here are a few hairstyles!

              Hairstyle 1                                                      

    1. Curl your hair with either a flat iron or curling iron. Leave fringe straight

    3. Put a hair barrette between your curly hair and your bangs (if that makes sense!)

    5. Bring your hair to the side to make a low side ponytail.

    7. Tie with elastic hair tie. Not too tight!

    9. Leave a few hairs out on the side where the ponytail isn't .

    11. Hairspray the style for a finishing look (optional). Works best with layered shorter hair!

              Hairtyle 2                                                

    1. Flat iron your hair super straight!

    3. Gather all your hair and pull it up into a high ponytail!

    5. Flare out the ponytail!

    7. Hairspray (optional)

    9. Looks cute with short layered hair!

              Hairstyle 3                             

    1. Section your hair up into however many sections you need to have

    3. Start to curl your hair with a one and a half inch curling iron, except not trying to spiral it, over lap it (hard to describe!)

    5. Continue all over your hair.

    7. When done, brush your hair with your fingers back! Will give even for volume!

    9. Hairspray (Optional!)

    Well that's all I have!

  11. try doing a side parting (but not too far) then curl all of your hair and get your bangs and twist them and pin them to the side, its quick and soo easy, or straighten your hair and put a little bow about an inch from the front ;) super cute :)

  12. I got a lot of hair accessories for xmas and I don't wanna wear the same hairstyle everyday! I have brown hair that goes a past my shoulders a little (and NO bangs!) PLEEEEAAASSSEEE  HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i always tease my hair and then take it into a messy bun . so cute and so easy , you can also curl it the put it into a bun with a few strands out, this way you dont have to do super tight curls, or shower the night b4 and twist it into lil buns. wake up in the morning take it out(dont brush it out) just use ur fingers and go through it then it looks amazing i get many complaents on that one :) 

  14. First tie it in a ponytail then get a big clip and fold the pony tail up then snap on the clip..i love that u have a little ponytail but it poofs out and hangs.You can also leave out a strap of hair and tie it up high.

  15. what i do is play with my hair to make up styles other ppl might lik it and copy u but its a good thing : )

  16. hi today i crimped my hair then put a really high messy bun and then i mousse my bangs to the side and then finally put a ribbon in it super cute pll love it

  17. Straighten your hair and put it in a side pony. leave a section of hair out on the side that the pony is not on. with the section of hair that is out twist and bobby pin to the pony. if you have bangs do a small cute poof. All the girls and guys will live it. i am in 6th grade and am the biggest trend setter. hope ya love it!! P.S. if you add a little lip gloss it will totally help.:D

  18. okay i think a cute hairstyle with your type of hair is to first get the crown of your hair and twist it all, except your bangs. then put it in a high pony or bun. *if sum of it falls out then just pin it up with bobbysz. you can then curl, crimp, or straighten your pony. swoop your bangs to the side. and walah! there you go. you get so much compliments and ppl would think you own the school.:D


  19. My favorite hairstyle after taking a shower is to scrunch my hair when it is really wet! then pull it upin a high pony tail.....the other hairstyle is put it up in a high messy bun.





  20. Try brushing your hair straight down so it reaches your shoulders. Brush it all over to one side so it is covering your ear. Grab it all into your hands and tie a headband around it. You then have a low side pnoytail that rests on your shoulder. Apply mousse our hairspray to help it stay in place longer.

  21. Take a strand of hair from like, right under your bangs and separate it into the three thin sections and braid it. Pull it to the opposite side of your head so that is pulls your bangs out of your face, secure it there with a bobby pin. Then you can either leave it like that, or pull it back into a messy bun.

    I pulled mine into a bun today. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I got. :)

  22. im in the 7th grade...ill give u two of my favorite hairstyles...
    1. i take two pieces of hair from the front and braid them and then i get the rest of the hair and make a high looks really cute!

    2. i take two thick pieces of hair(not that thick) and twist them a lot and then tie them at the back of my hair and it creates like a goddess like look...everybody at my school is now wearing it! lol

  23. well i am in 6th grade i will curl my hair and twisst my bangs back on each side and in the back bobby pen them togher.everyone loves itr or put my hair in a cut high pony tail yhen sraightin the pony tail:)!!!good luck

  24. i either straighten my hair! and then put my fringe back or just leave it down!
    i will curl my hair with my straightners! all you need to do is get a bit of your hair then curl rounf the straightners and then carry out the process for the rest of your hair! its so easy and really wuick to do then once done add a bit of hairspray! all boys love it and compliment you alot! :) x

  25. well what i do is straighten my hair and then i get two strands of hair and put them together where they meet on the back and put it in a bobby pin then i put a bow where the bobby pin is

  26. 1.) French braid you hair overnight and when you wake up take it out then put it in a messy bun.
    2.) Wash you hair and after u brush through it put some gel in it then put it in three very high little buns and in the morning take them out and shake out your hair. Then put in a headband and pull your bangs to the side then put your hair in a side low side pony.
    3.) I will try to explain how to put the headband in. first take your bangs and put them in the front of your face right on top of your nose then put the head band and in the middle of your head and pull it forward to where your bangs are than pull up you bangs to the side and then pull the headband up and voila! You can than leave it down or put it in a pony
    4.) French braid you hair from ear to ear, low, than put it in a low side bun.
    I have many more but you can youtube someor look some up on google, thats what I do!
    Coming from an 8th grader!

  27. get 2 sections from ethier side of your hair then put them in a ponytail at the back of your head sucrure with a elastic

  28. what i go is straighten your hair even your bangs then part to the sideafter that i pull my bangs up with a clip i have the exact same hair bun mine is rallyyyyy thinnn :P
        hope this helppsss(:

  29. What I do is twist my bangs and secure them with a bobby pin. Then, I make a side ponytail. That's it! Hope ya like it!!

  30. what i do is wash and bloydry my hair, mousse it so its curly, leave my bangs down and my fringe, and put the rest up into a back-of-head bun. it looks really pretty, and english boys seem to like it!

  31. Put you hair in a super high ponytail*(like annoyingly high, as high as you can before your hair falls out)secure with an elastic
    then twist it into a bun then secure with a elastic
    you can put in a head band to pull your bangs back, or braid them, or put the back with a little bump or just let them down

    *if you think it looks silly lower the ponytail*
    it also works for low buns or side buns

  32. Well you can just straighten your hair then take your bangs to one side and twist it, then pin it back to the side of your head, leaving the rest of your hair down. I used this when i was in 9th grade and got loads of compliments :)

  33. Take a shower, after that, dry your hair and put mouse in it. Wehn ur finished, quickly make two braids and sleep with it. In the moring, take the braids out and it looks so wavy and not poofy or frizzy like it always just when u let braids out. it looks super cute.

  34. Take your bangs and a little bit of hair from behind your bangs. Braid this section of your does not matter how it looks as long as you's to be left sorta messy.:)secure with a small elastic. Now, fix up a low messy side bun on the same side of your braided bangs..... be sure to put the braided bangs in with it. As you said your hair is short and if some hair sticks out on the opposite side falls's perfectly fine....or if you don't like that out.....a bobby pin will fix ;) I hope you enjoy!!

  35. braid ur bangs back and do a high messy bun

  36. dnt try hard cznobody really does just  straigh them and u go to go

    this is coming from a senior

  37. first hairstyle:

    take a comb and tease your bangs so theyre nice and big and pin them back. next take sections of your hair and curl them either big or small. then when your done shake them out so they look more natural.

    second hairstyle:

    tease your hair around the crown to give you lots of volume. hairspray a lot to keep in place. you can leave the bangs down or put them up with the rest of the hair. put a headband in to hold the hair back.
    if you cant tease your hair, then pull it back into a ponytail in the center of the back of your head. (this works better if you flip your hair upside down when you put the ponytail in) then put the headband in. tighten your ponytail while moving it closer to the top of your head. this creates volume between the elastic band and the headband.

    third hairstyle:

    wash your hair the night before. blow dry it a little until its damp. take large rollers and wrap pieces of your hair in them. in the morning take them out and run your fingers through the curls. hairspray to keep in place.

    hope these helped.
    (this is coming from an 11th grader, btw)

  38. i have the exact same hair color and my hair ais at the shoulder to     the easyest hair style i use is 2 very low pig tails and mess your bangs out a little

  39. pull up a middle bit of hair you would use for a quif and plat it then do a messy bun wiv the rest of the hair:) x
    hope i helped......

  40. first hairstyle-

    seperate your hair into two sections (leave out yur bangs) then tie the twoe sections into low pigtails. Then bump your bangs up with some bobby pins! so cute

    second hairstyle-

    wash yur hair then towel dry it and run some hair mousse in from the roots to the tips. Then tip your head upside down and dry your hair. when it is just a tiny bit damp still, keep your head tipped over, and spray your hair with hairspray (on the bottom) than carry on drieing it. this will give yur hair lotsa volume!

    third hairstyle-

    curl random sections of your hair all over your head. Then pull all of your hair up into a normal sized ponytail, but leave out your bangs. then straighten your bangs. awesome!

    I hav loads more hairstyles to share with you guys but they would take up way too much space! thanks for reading, byexx

  41. I usually flat iron my hair (all of it), then brush it back and make 2 parts (one on each side). Then i take a small section between that part and smooth it out. Then, take a small clip and place it pretty far back. hope it helps and it doesn't sound to complicated, hope it helps
    PS. Guest15896041, your lying and this is a post about hair not a band.

  42. before you go to sleep braid your hair into six diff. sections. in da morning take it out and take the front two braids and pin on the top back of your hair and perfection! you have a cute princessy hair style.

  43. der,
    Guest15896041 u hav not met selena gomez demi and etc people u re makin evrythin up go to som physcian n ikm nt jelos nor is evry1 else!

    anyways u cn straigt ur hair put it in a bun den tke some hir out of it gt pins tie it to ur bun leave som hair out at frnt den wer a hedban or a ribbin

  44. put your hair in a loose pony, dont tighten it...then make a ole above the elastic and put the pony under and over...then add a headband

    good luck

  45. ME! It's seriously called the ME! Well, I call it that. What u do is take a strand of hair and braid it or seperate it into two sections and twist. Secure with a clear elastic band. Repeat on the other side. Then, muss your hair a little bit around the braid/twist so it looks more natural. There ya go! The perfect summer and back to school style.

  46. pull your fringe back and poof it, then gather into a low pony at the back leaving the sides out a little add a braided headband and youll rock youre school

    i know this will help LOL :p
    this is coming from a tenth grader

  47. A hairstyle I use (and get lots of compliments from) is a pont tail with a braid. With this, you can either have straight or curly hair (straightened hair looks super cute). If you are culring your hair, leave about an inch of hair un-curled in the front. If you're straightening it, you can straighten it all. Next you put all of your hair up into a pony tail. All but the 1 inch section you left in the front. Next braid that section and clip it up on top of your head. It really does look cute! (this is coming from an eighth grader ;])

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  49. Straighten you hair(all of it)
    put half of it up into a neat bun and to jazz it up but a ribbin to match your outfit.

    another cute hairstyle put your hair into ponytail and but a head band to match your hait colour and the same with you ribbin.

    pin your bangs up into a bump or the the side and into a messy bun

    i hope i helped

  50. what i do is take 2 sections on each side then twist them together. then i pull it back into a pontail. it looks great and is very cute and different!!

  51. gather all of ur hair in a loose opony tail in the middle of ur neck and then take ur thumbs and pointer fingers and make a hole in the hair right between ur head and hairbow then u can take the pony tail and push it up through the hole or take it and push it down through the hole.its really cute. i hope this helps from an eighth  grader at jellico elementary.

  52. what i do is bump up my bangs then put all my hair into a low braid. or i curl all my hair, bump up my bangs then put into a high ponytail, it looks so s**y. and its coming from a 10th grader, so hope it helps.

  53. my hair is the same length what i do is curl it than put moose and  hairspray in it and pull it back in a bun with a bow around it pin your bangs back with it but not in a poof it is so cute

  54. I am in 7th grade.....So a good tip is to straiten your hair and put it to the side then takeyour bangs and poof them up in the front. Another one is to againg staighten ur hair then take it and french braid it into a half pony tail to the side leave ur bangs down u will get soo many compliments. Also u can take a half messy pony tail and just put it into a bun it is supper cute!!

  55. im in 7th and have shoulder length hair and its brown what i do is straghten it tie it up but leave some at the side downand pin it to the sideof my head

  56. this is a great hairstlye which i use all the time  curl all of your head and then each curl done pin it back into a ponytail sort of thing it looks brill try it

  57. All you have to do is make a poof at the front of your hair then gather the rest of your hair and make it into a high pony is relli nice

    or you can just put a head band in and tease the back of your hair! hope they help..x

  58. Ok what I do is a poof in the front or simply put in a bump it. Also spiral curls are a hit right now!

  59. okayy well 1st- staraighten all of you hair
    2nd- put in a head band
    3rd- walk into school like you own the place

    hope it helped
    this is comeing from a ninth grader too....

  60. what you can do is get a head band and put it in your hair and tease it a lil

  61. wet ur hair or just after a shower take some gel or curling product comd it in your hair then scrunch it up it gives it that nice wet look i got lots of comps when i did this youll love it hope this helped!

  62. what i do is if you have bangs put them up in a bump! its cute and also you can leave it striaght with a bump ,curly,scrunched,in ponytail,braids and lots  more!

  63. i always go for the pony tail make it look nice but dont make to much effort otherwise people will think u try to hard
    just coming from 6 th grader

  64. Just put in pigtail braids. braids are totally in style

  65. I like to triple barrel my hair then pull it up in a pony tail or mesys bun, Straight hair with a flower or head bands (I like to make or buy ay Forever 21) Are also cute. Maybe try curling it, or pulling it up and putting a small braid on the side, or doing something funky with the bangs!... Hope I helped!

  66. try google because they will give you super cute hairstyles and How-To's so you'll be good to go!!!

  67. put your hair in two ponny tails in the back.

    hope it helps!

  68. put your hair in two ponny tails in the back.

    hope it helps!

  69. this is a really cute hairstyle - i'm in the 9th grade also so i can see where you're coming from

    start by straightening your hair (all of it) then put it into a bun either at the nape of your neck or on the middle of your head. with the leftover parts that stick out on the bottom, pull those upwards so it gives you a spikey messy look. tease it some more until its to your liking.

    hope this helped!

  70. try messy braids.
    those will look cute(:

  71. i'm soo stuck on this one i do a plain pony tail also cute litle pig tales are nice also

  72. tie your hair in a messy bun or straighten your hair and put it up into a ponytail nothing too out there for a first day have a look what other people have done and add your twist to that
    hope i helped

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