Simon Dumont to miss Winter X Games Tignes 2012 due to knee injury

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Simon Dumont to miss Winter X Games Tignes 2012 due to knee injury
American professional freestyle skier Simon Dumont injured his right knee during halfpipe practice on Monday, March 12, for the Winter X Games Tignes 2012 that is scheduled to kick-off in France this weekend, March 14- 16.
 25-year-old Maine-based rider will be heading back to US to get his injury examined. It has been confirmed that he will not be competing in men’s Ski SuperPipe Finals on Friday at the latest edition of the European version of Winter X Games.
Talking to ESPN, Dumont conceded that he was pretty disappointed about his injury, stating, “I am bummed about my knee. I was feeling good and ready to go. But I'm off to see the best docs and get an MRI.”
He further added that he was eager to begin his recovery from the injury and return as an even better freeskier.
“I'm ready for the healing process to begin,” he said, “so that I can get back and be stronger than ever.”
This is the first time in Dumont’s 12-year freeskiing career that he has sustained a knee injury, though its timing could not have been any worse.
Dumont is prominent as one of the most intimidating names in the freeskiing. He has been asserting his dominance in the sport since almost a decade, leaving his mark in the Winter X Games as well as Winter Olympics and Winter Dew Tour. With eight Winter
X Games medals to his name, two of which are gold, the Bethel-based rider is without any doubt one of the most formidable competitor in freeskiing competitions, especially halfpipe contests.
With the freeskiing phenom forced out of the upcoming Winter X Games in Tignes due to his injury, the number of freeskiing heavy-weights missing from the event has risen to three. France’s Kevin Rolland sustained a knee injury while America’s Tucker Perkins
tore his ACL that requires him to undergo a surgery. As a result, the freeskiing fans will definitely feel the absence of some of their favourite winter action sports athletes, though there will still be a number of intimidating names who will be attending
the third edition of Winter X Games Europe, promising to deliver a heavy dose of thrilling action.



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