Signora Frasi to steer the Back Or Lay Betdaq.Com Fillies’ Handicap her way at Kempton

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Signora Frasi to steer the Back Or Lay Betdaq.Com Fillies’ Handicap her way at Kempton
Kempton will stage the Class 5 Back Or Lay Betdaq.Com Fillies’ Handicap over a mile on Wednesday, 9th May. Competing for the £2,264 purse are eight runners with a reasonable grip on racing at Kempton previously.
Scoring second there during the new season are two entries, Signora Frasi and Bold Ring.
In case of the prior, Indian Ridge’s seven-year-old bay mare out of mare, Sheba, qualified as the runner at Kempton in the seasonal debut. She cracked into the 2012 season on 25th April in the Betdaq Casino Games Handicap over a mile. The race was won by May’s Boy who was teamed up with Racheal Kneller for the race.
Signora Frasi had to compromise the victory by 2 ¾ length while riding with Fergus Sweeney. She had Rezwaan closing in at the heels and striding on for the third position.
Her final race for the previous season was at Kempton too but the outcome was nothing impressive. The seven-year-old finished seventh in the Blue Square Handicap on 8th December over a mile and two furlongs.
The race was won by Megalala who was four and a half lengths ahead of the runner up, Opera Prince. Coming at terms with the third position was the 3/1 favourite of the race, Lord Lansing.
The other note worthy entry for the race is Bold Ring, Bold Edge’s six-year-old chestnut mare out of mare, Floppie Disk. Out of the six ventures which she undertook during the new season, the very first two were at Kempton.
She spurted into the 2012 campaign by scoring second in the Skysports.Com Fillies’ Handicap on 11th January over seven furlongs. Fedora won the race with Chris Catlin onboard and had Bold Ring in close pursuit as she was at a mere neck’s difference.
Nina Rose, the 13/8 favourite of the race managed the fourth position on the track of eight.
She failed to achieve anything remarkable in the 32Red Handicap at Kempton on 22nd January over seven furlongs. Garstang was the first one to race through the track distance and led the runner up, Katmai River, by a mere neck’s difference.
Bold Ring could only station at the eighth position.
Signora Frasi and Bold Ring are fairly competitive for one another but Signora Frasi takes the lead due to an impressive delivery in the seasonal debut.
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