Should kids drink energy drinks?

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Should kids drink energy drinks?




  1. I am thirteen and I have one Red Bull a day.

  2. should they probably not everyday or once every week for that matter

    but do they of course

    so there isn't anything wrong with every once in a while but it also depends on the age of the kid

  3. I personally don't think so. Kids have lots of energy as it is, and all the sugar they put in those drinks isn't good for anyone especially children. Energy drinks are also like coffee, habit forming. You don't want a kid addicted to energy drinks do you? But if they really really really wanted one, I would say no more than half of one every other week or so.  If you want a kid to have more energy though, giving them a Red Bull is not the way to do it. Try improving their diet and giving them more exercise. They should perk right up! In short Kids + Energy Drinks = No. Bad.

  4. this is a simple answer NO!!!! that stuff is horrible i work for a company that distributes the drinks and when one breaks it turns into a black goo and on a concrete floor it begins to eat it away it takes the top layer off the floor so imgaine what it does to us!!!!

  5. Yea go wild just not before bed so they can sleep!  My neighbor's kid drinks at least 1 rockstar every day

  6. There's nothing really wrong with it.  A lot more sugar then any kid needs but it's not gonna kill him to have one every so often.

  7. YEA...SURE... WHY NOT?

  8. gatorade and vitamin water and that kind of stuff is ok

    but children from the ages of 10-16, shouldnt have more than 4 ounces of stuff like redbull a day, or may be put at high risk factors for seizures

  9. Im 14 and i rarly have one its allright to have one wonce in a while

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