Should i open the sites offering money making?

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Should i open the sites offering money making?




  1. its very difficult to earn with what you are saying . i wasted four months doing the same old stuff until i came across a site called it pays you to recieve sms ads on your cellphones. signing up is free, all you need is a valid mobile number. i have been registered with them for three months and my income just keeps growing day by day. if you have time you can invite your friends and relatives, the bigger your referral system the more you earn.  its 100% genuine. it has taken advertising to a new level. if interested follow up this link

  2. No. We have enough of those. Especially those that are nothing but a complete scam.

  3. Are U a Indian. As an Indian my last 3 years research shows that the best and easyest way of online money is through PTC site. Are U serious about online earning, and ready to work 1.5 hr. per day

    Then without any investment, it should possible for U to earn 10,000 Rs per month to unlimited Rs. per month.

    This is possible through PTC (There are some websites which pay you for clicking the ads on their websites. These websites are called PTC [PAID TO CLICK] websites.) sites.

    If U serious about your business then try it. Its easy and fun

    For detail List of ptc site and other information U may visit

    U may try other Sophisticated wya like Affiliate programs. For detail U may try any online guide like


  4. There are a lot of sites about this issue.  If you offer really genuine offers, then you can open one.

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