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I saw the fisher man flapped up on the beach, soaked and covered in weeds floppin' around like a noodle having a seizure.

He looked up at me, with giant, fishy, fleshy, pink, wet lips sucking all the air out from around me, like a reverse waterfall.

I could see all of his gums, all his teeth. h**l, I could see all the way down inside him to his soft interior. No bones. Very soft. Very wet. Very pink.

He started to settle down. I was afraid his heart might stop breathing, so I unbuttoned his shirt and stood above him, pumping his chest.

His eyes rolled back in his head. I felt my hands start to sink into his chest. When I look down, I see that my hands are sunk into deep slits. My arm nearly pops out his back; I'm stuck in so deep.

I pulled myself out and started picking through the openings. He is a smoky white inside, with pink tubing that looked like some kind of spongy material.

I started to gag. I couldn't leave him in the sun to cook, so I




  1. That's interesting - you were obviously going for a more morbid feel, but some of the descriptions were a little confusing.  For example, your use of imagery: "Reverse waterfall" - not everyone may be able to picture something like this.  In all it's good, but just work on creating a mood instead of stating facts.

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