Shane Warne critiques ECB for Kevin Pietersen’s retirement - Cricket News Roundup - June 27, 2012 - Part 3

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Shane Warne critiques ECB for Kevin Pietersen’s retirement - Cricket News Roundup - June 27, 2012 - Part 3
Former Australian spinner, claiming that the batsman’s request to retire from ODIs and continue with T20s should have been considered.
“... I'm very surprised that the ECB didn't try and negotiate that better, drop their egos and say, okay we understand this, we want to keep our best players playing all the time,” Warne said. “... it's just a bit too much ego for my liking from the ECB.”
Considered amongst England’s top batsmen, Pietersen retired from international limited-overs cricket in May this year, four months before the World T20 in Sri Lanka, where England will be the defending champions. Although the right-hander expressed the desire to retire from ODIs and continue with T20s, the ECB’s rules dictate that any player who bows out of one limited-overs format, is also automatically considered retired from the other. recently hit the nets at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore, where he is currently undergoing fitness drills after his recovery from a lung tumour.
"It's a big achievement for me hitting the nets. I felt happy, really good to be in the nets," he tweeted.
The 30-year-old went on to add that the session had been fair, considering the fact that he had been playing for the first time after a period of roughly six months. Yuvraj has set the this September, as the target for his return to cricket.
Out-of-favour Pakistani spinner,, has expressed the intent to request an open hearing for his appeal against the life-ban from cricket which he was recently issued by the ECB, accusing the board’s disciplinary panel of being biased, and terming the verdict “unfair”.
Labelling the hearing “pre-determined”, the legspinner’s lawyer, Steven Hourigan, claimed that they would request an independent observer for the appeal. Kaneria has a 14-day period in which to lodge an official appeal, and is also considering the registration of another legal appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
“What we want is a fair hearing in front of an independent panel,” Hourigan said. “We would want the press to sit in on the appeal and hear every word.”



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