Serena Williams receives a straight set upset by Angelique Kerber- Western and Southern Women’s Open 2012

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Serena Williams receives a straight set upset by Angelique Kerber – Western & Southern Open 2012 
Second seed American powerhouse, Serena Williams, received a straight sets upset by the hands of German tennis ace, Angelique Kerber by 6-4, 6-4 in the quarter-final  of Western & Southern Women’s Open in Cincinnati on Friday.
The encounter between the two players lasted for a total of one hour and 16 minutes.
Serena in a post mach interview told the media, “I probably need a break. I'll be better in New York, I promise.”
Venus Williams commenting on her sister performance said, "She's played so many matches since Wimbledon. I do not think anyone has played as many matches and played as successfully as her. I think some rest is in order for
In the first game of the initial set Kerber broke Williams’ serve and clinched the two games consecutively, gaining a lead of 2-love. The American tennis ace exhibited poor performance and could not manage to equalize the
scores in any of the games. However, with her performance picked up pace but the German quickly nailed a break in the set, consolidating a 6-4 score to claim the set.
The Olympic gold medallist smashed her rival with two aces and never committed a double fault in the first set. She had an average first serve percentage of 52, with 10 of 12 first and six of 11 second serve points in the
opener. Nevertheless, the 24-year-old grabbed 16 of 26 in the initial and seven of nine second serve points in the opening.
The following set commenced with the former world number one’s serve. The German tennis professional proved to be a tough competition for Williams. She took a flying start wrapping up her victory and emerged as a surprised
winner with 6-4.
Both the contenders in the final set battled each other with two aces and notching three break points in total. The American veteran had a below average first serve precision of 43 percent, earning nine of 10 first serve
point and seven of 13 second reply points. The left-handed German pulled off 57 percent in the first serve, banking 14 of 20 first and nine of 15 second serve deliveries.
Kerber will be competing with the Czech Petra Kvitova in the semi-final of the tournament.



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