Search continues for boxing promoter's son

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Search continues for boxing promoter's son
Volunteer and official searchers in the North Cascades of Washington State have found a climbing backpack and a daypack belonging to boxing promoter Bob Arum’s son, but there is still no sign of him.
A Seattle native, the 49 year-old environmental lawyer, John Arum, is a seasoned climber.  He was reported missing Monday after he did not return from a weekend climb of Storm King, a 8,515-foot peak some 85 miles northeast of Seattle.
Upon receiving the news, Bob Arum left a press tour Tuesday morning in Los Angeles promoting the upcoming November 13 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito to be with his family.
According to North Cascades National Park spokeswoman Kerry Olson, the daypack was found Thursday during an aerial search.  The backpack was found by ground searches about 900 feet below the mountain’s summit.
The backpack was along a climbing route, and reportedly looked “as though it was placed there.” 
Olson also said that climbing gear was notably absent from the back. Often climbers take only vital equipment in order to lighten their loads when attempting large climbs.
Adding to the 50 person search on Thursday were two helicopters with motion and body heat detectors. Today search dogs were also deployed.
John Arum is presumed to have been by himself and was concentrating on the difficult part of the terrain. Arum has reportedly been trying to climb the 100 highest summits in Washington State.
Family members present told reporters they had found his campsite, but that it was clear that he had not been there since the weekend.
Thursday Arum’s family released an official statement in which they thanked the people involved in the search.  They said, “John's family is deeply grateful for the efforts taken by the dedicated members of the National Park Service, King County Sheriff's Office, and the volunteers from Chelan Mountain Rescue and the Stehekin Community that are working tirelessly on the search and rescue operation. Their professionalism and commitment gives us continued hope. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and respect for our privacy at this time."



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