Sania Mirza – the Indian tennis star falling from the sky

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"Sania Mirza has been the best female tennis player ever to have emerged from India. The Indian community is dominated by men and it was scandalous for them to see Mirza playing in inappropriate attire like a sleeveless vest and a mini skirt."

I think your above obeservation smacks of ignorance of the growth of female tennis in India. There were/have been tons of female tennis players in India way before Sani Mirza who played in their "mini skirts" or "slevveless vests."

It was on behalf of some members of a particular community that objections were used in that a Muslim woman should not be displaying her flesh while playing a sports.

To make a blanket generalization about the tennis community in India withiut knowing the facts is irresponsible journalism at best!




  1. mind your own business

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