San Francisco Giants humiliated by Pittsburgh Pirates 2-13 – MLB Recap

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San Francisco Giants humiliated by Pittsburgh Pirates 2-13 – MLB Recap
The San Francisco Giants were humiliated by the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-13 in the third and final game of their three-match regular series encounter on Sunday, July 8 at PNC Park.
This was the decisive game of their series as both teams have won one game apiece while with this win, the Pirates won the last encounter before mid season break taking the series 2-1 as well.
Pirates' upfront batting line-up performed with big heart and earned a great win for their team.
Andrew McCutchen hit two homers and gave the Pirates some early thrust which to help his team build up some winning momentum.      
McCutchen discussed his performance and said, "I am not going up to bat to hit home runs, I am just trying to put good swings on balls and when I do that, depending on where the pitch is and how my swing is, some balls go out."                       
"We worked hard to get to where we are, and we've earned our way so far," Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle said with joy as his team gave no chance to their opponents to take any advantage during the whole game.             
Giants’ pitcher Tim Lincecum once again played poorly. This is the third straight game in which he could not handle the ball and was hit with enormous power. The Pirates knew that he had a bad run in the competition. They attacked him and smashed six runs and two homers. Lincecum also gave up seven hits and six earned runs while his ERA rose to 6.42.
Lincecum commented on his poor perrformance and said, "You never want to say, 'Hey, I've hit rock bottom,' or anything like that, But when things are going as bad as they are right now, you've kind of got to go out there like you've got nothing left to lose."
On the other hand, the Pirates’ pitchers especially A.J. Burnett performed tremendously and only gave up two runs. He gave four hits as well as two earned runs. Striking-out five Giants’ batters, the Pirates’ starter maintained his 3.68 ERA.
Overall the game was played at a high pace and the Pirates’ dominated throughout. Going early into a two run advantage, the Pirates kept strengthening their lead and eventually defeated the Giants in style.



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