San Francisco Giants defeat the Oakland Athletics 4-3 – MLB Update

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San Francisco Giants defeat the Oakland Athletics 4-3 – MLB Update

National League Western franchise San Francisco Giants overpowered big league rivals Oakland Athletics in a close 4-3 confrontation Monday in the Cactus League game in San Francisco.
Right-handed pitcher Matt Cain, making his fourth and final start in spring, received huge appreciation from crowd. Cain tossed five strong innings and managed six strike-outs, as he permitted three runs on six hits. Cain, having 0-1 record with a 5.63 earned
run average, was the only pitcher from the Giants who consumed runs on his 68 pitches.
Giants’ reliever and closers, knowing the game will be their last encounter, remained impressive in their short spells. Steve Edlefsen, Santiago Casilla, Jeremy Affeldt and Sergio Romo did not allow runs and struck-out one each, except Romo.
Aubrey Huff looked at it as an opportunity to end the spring with great confidence. Right-fielder Aubrey launched his sixth homer of spring in the fifth inning, providing the Giants game-winning lead that lasted until the last inning.
The Giants started the game positively by restricting the opposition from scoring and made their first run in the bottom of inning when Buster Posey drove in a run to Andres Torres. Oakland removed the deficit in the next inning, but the Giants stretched
their lead to 3-1 in the third with a fly-ball double of Pat Burrell.
It was a balanced game, as Oakland again removed the short-fall in top of fifth inning. Daric Barton singles on a line drive to right-fielder Aubrey Huff that allowed Kevin Kouzmanoff and Coco Crisp to make runs.
It was at this time when Aubrey showed his grand slam to the home spectators off Athletics starter Brett Anderson. Left-handed pitcher, Anderson making his fifth start of spring, consumed all four runs on six hits over seven innings. However, he made his
tune-up excellent with six strike-outs and two walks.
The reliever Brian Fuentes, who has appeared in nine spring outings, remained scoreless in his sole inning. The left-hand pitcher has 1-1 with a 5.87 earned run average, has given five runs on his last three outings.
The defending World Series champion Giants will square off again with the Oakland Athletics Wednesday with left-hand pitcher Dallas Braden ready to compete with the A’s left-hand pitcher Madison Bumgarner. It will be last outing for the Giants in the spring
exhibition this year. The Giants have shown an impressive performance in spring with 20 wins, however they also lost 12 games including five consecutive.



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