Sac Fly heroes, Young and Hamilton, reflect on recent Rangers’ Game 2 win

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Sac Fly heroes, Young and Hamilton, reflect on recent Rangers’ Game 2 win
The Texas Rangers were on cloud nine after their Game 2 encounter with the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series at the Busch Stadium in St. Louis. They went 1 – 1 in the tournament on Thursday, October 20, with a ninth inning two-run stint. The runs made
all the difference as the club closed the Cards on 2 – 1 to pick up the crucial victory.
Ian Kinsler was the inspiration Rangers were seeking and he made the best out of his chances as he positioned Cardinals’ closer Jason Motte in an unfamiliar stance. The Texas second baseman singled to the first and then stole second base in the ninth to
kick start a rally. After Elvis Andrus managed a single to push Kinsler to third, the night was all set for Sacrifice Fly Heroes to convert the game for a win.
Arthur Rhodes replaced Motte on the mound to face Josh Hamilton but that move could not restrict the Rangers as the 2010 American League Most Valuable Player hit a sacrifice fly to push Kinsler home for the equalizing run. Fearing a loss in the inning, Cards
manager Tony La Russa, brought in Lance Lynn to the mound. He too, was ineffective as Michael Young put the Rangers ahead with a sacrifice fly.
Andrus ran home to make it 2 – 1. Young and Hamilton were heroes and there was no doubting their ability. Young took the opportunity to talk about the encounter after the game had ended.
"For us to come back in the ninth there and win this ballgame, it's huge for us," first baseman Michael Young said. "Going back home, we know what our ballpark's like with 50,000 people, it goes crazy in the postseason. So we're looking forward to being
back there and I know we're going to feed off it."
Hamilton described his hit that could have gone for a homer.
"Guys on second and third, no outs, you don't have to try to do too much, just try to put the barrel on the ball," Hamilton said. "I caught it off the end a little bit. It would have been nice to hit it in the sweet spot, though."
With the Rangers 1 – 1, the need another three wins to lift the World Series trophy.



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