SNAPPLE flavours in Ireland compared to the USA?

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How come we don't have as many SNAPPLE flavours in Ireland as there is in USA? We only have about 8 flavours here, and I LOVE Snapple and had the time of my life whilst in the US with all the flavours, haha!! Any main reason why we dont have all the flavours? Same goes for Ben & Jerries too!!!!




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    The distributor in Ireland has lost focus on the brand and for the past few years were unable to meet the demand for the product and as a result they created a very negative image of the product. This in turn resulted in most stores using their shelf space for a competitive product resulting in loss of sales for Snapple. As a result the distributor for Ireland only carry 4 flavours from a high of 10 flavours 4 years ago. Its a shame as its a really good product with big potential in Ireland. 

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