Russia’s injury list hampers 2011 Rugby World Cup preparation

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Russia’s injury list hampers 2011 Rugby World Cup preparation

Russian national rugby union team’s 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) preparations have been affected by the number of injuries to key players ahead of rugby’s premier tournament.
The Russian national rugby union team’s manager, Nikolay Nerush, communicated his squads injury vows to the media on Tuesday, July 5. Although he didn’t provide the name of the players who were injured, the tone was nonetheless
very concerning and it hinted at the fact that key players might be involved.
Nerush Said, “We face a serious problem in our preparations for September's World Cup. It is a huge spate of injuries that sidelined some of our team's leaders. There's a set of the first-line players, who have had to withdraw
from intense practices for the World Cup because of medical reasons.”
Nerush further added that Russia’s 2011 RWC preparations are also being bogged down by the involvement of players in overseas clubs particularly with the English Professional Rugby Union clubs.
Nerush said, “It could help us to prepare better for the World Cup if our players from the English sides could join us in Sochi.” However, he did not seem hopeful that the English Club would release players for national duty until the month of August.
Earlier in June, Russia announced their 50-man provisional squad for their 2011 RWC campaign. The announced squad will take part in a three-week long training, physical conditioning and development camp during the month of July. The camp will be held in
the Black Sea resort city of Sochi.  
Nerush expressed hope that the training camp will help the players to attain the desire level of fitness.  
Commenting on the Russia’s chances in the 2011 RWC, Nerush said, “It will be really tough for us to shine bright at the World Cup as we are debutants at the world's major rugby event. First of all I expect mental difficulties as we lack experience of playing
at such a high level.”
Russia is placed in the Group C of the 2011 RWC groups. Besides Russia, the group includes United States, Italy, Ireland and Australia. Russia will play their first match of the 2011 RWC against the United States on September 15 at Stadium Taranaki, New



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