Runescape gold pennies(GP)

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On Runescape... Know any way to get great money?




  1. if u want great info of making good gp money like i already posted the other one to buy the cowhides and tan them, but if u want other great tips then just add me to ur friends list on runescape, ym user name is brian 5126 with a space between it. And a good tip for the cowhide tip of making money is that TIP: YOU DONT NEED TO BE A LVL IN ANYTHING TO TAN THE COWHIDES SO THATS ANOTHER REASON WHY ITS A GOOD IDEA FOR ANY LVLS LIKE A SAW A LVL 9 WITH 5 MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE MADE THAT IN ABOUT A WEEK!!!

  2. preety much the best way to make money! seriously you can make tons! and tons of milllons a day doing this. Ok all u have to do is buy as many cowhides as u want maybe 1000-6000 and go to al-kidrid and go tan it at the tanning store for either 1 gp to make soft leather or 3gp to make soft leather. if u buy like 6000 cowhides for about 610k-625k i dont really know, then sell the soft or hard leather u tan then sell it it comes out if u sell it at about 950k-1mil so u make about 300k-500k in like a day or so, just plzzzz!!! try it ull make at least half a mil a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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