Rugby League goes to Wimmera in 2012

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Rugby League goes to Wimmera in 2012
While talking to reporters on Tuesday, October 18, Rugby Football League (RFL) staff confirmed their latest plans of playing for the first time in Wimmera next year.
Country Victoria Rugby League (CVRL) has been luring the league for quite some time and four teams have already signed up with them. Four confirmed teams for the Series lined up next year includes; Stawell Devils, Ararat Kings, Bendigo Tigers and Lake Bolac
Eels, whereas Ballarat is next in line.
This competition will be staged with the support of the Victorian Rugby League and the franchise committees have already agreed but a few board positions are still not finalised.
The committee recently convened in order to discuss the fund raising possibilities as the competition is still looking for appropriate sponsors.
Today, a meeting between club committee members and VRL has been scheduled to evaluate the given possibilities regarding funding of the competition at the Blue Duck Hotel, in Ararat. Each club will nominate their representative to form the Country Victoria
Rugby League Board.
This meeting will not only discuss the fund raising but will also look into the prospects of having the venue insured.  
Stawell Devils president, Colin Readman, is in communication with Northern Grampians Shire Council (NGSC), to book the North Park hockey field as their venue for games.
While referring to his ongoing talks with NGSR, Readman said, "It was a good meeting, the council was keen to help. The field is a bit long. We will need a three metre run off, so players don't get injured.”
Readman is taking the hockey field into consideration for the coming competition in 2012, where the matches will be scheduled on Sundays throughout the season. The pre-season training is all set to begin from next month.
Readman also confirmed that in case the venue is finalised, the pre-season training will begin from November.
Around two month ago, the combined Stawell/Ararat team went to play the rugby league side North West Wolves in Melbourne. The match was very successful and has led to another planned match between the same sides in February.



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