Rugby Football Union places mighty bets on England’s victory in Rugby World Cup 2011

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Rugby Football Union places mighty bets on England’s victory in Rugby World Cup 2011
Rugby Football Union has placed mighty bets on the victory of England in the coming Rugby World Cup, starting this year in New Zealand.
RFU has put ₤250,000 on gamble with the bookmakers that their national team would qualify for the final stages of championship. RFU would be considered the winner of bets if England qualifies at least for semi finals.
On the other hand if England is knocked out during or before quarter final stages the RFU would have to pay the huge amount to the bookies. RFU has confirmed the bets and said that if it wins the money would be distributed among the English rugby players
as bonus. At the same time if England is failed to reach the semi final stages no bonus would be given to the players.
An RFU spokesman told media about the details of the bets. He said, “I am sure that we, as a professional and responsible sports governing body, are not alone in ensuring we minimise our financial risks at all times, including around tournaments such as
the World Cup.”
He further argued that, “This is not unique practice but rather financially prudent so that we can continue to invest in the grassroots of the sport. The details of any such arrangement are confidential.”
England is not in good books of rugby experts at the moment and has little chance to win the title. Recently England was deprived of grand slam by the Ireland in the Six Nations Championship after doing all the hard work.
Although England has a good track record regarding world cup history but recently New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are the top teams to the experts. England had won the 2003 world cup and remained runners-up during the 2007 event.
Reeboks are all set to defend their title successfully and has already taken valuable steps in this regard. They yesterday announced their preliminary squad of 51 players to select the best team for this year’s largest event.
Recently a survey was conducted by New Zealand’s leading research company UMR that revealed the opinion of the Kiwis. The 77% Kiwis voted for New Zealand, 39% for South Africa, 32% for Australia and only 10% considered the English team. Even 11% bookies
think that England can do well in the world cup. The feeble chances of winning could claim a vulnerable harm to the union.
England has been placed in Pool B and it would play its opening match on10thSeptember against Argentina. As for as IRB’s constitute is concerned it doesn’t allow any individual or group associated to the playing team for betting but it doesn’t prohibits
the governing body. RFU cleared that it is not violating the IRB’s rule with the bets.



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