Ron Artest’s England stint becoming shaky due to Insurance Issues – NBA Update

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Ron Artest’s England stint becoming shaky due to Insurance Issues – NBA Update
Los Angeles Lakers’ star, Ron Artest, who was set to apply his trade in England during the lockout, will no longer be doing so. This news came about recently, after insurance issues could not be resolved between Artest’s agent
and the Cheshire Jets.
Artest had recently cemented a deal with the Cheshire Jets in the British Basketball League. The deal was supposed to be based on a symbiotic relationship, where the Cheshire Jets would pay Artest a minimal amount of money, and
in return the Jets would facilitate Artest in advancing his television career.
The Jets had even offered Artest a role in a one of the most popular British soap operas, which the Lakers star was looking forward to with great excitement.
"I went on Jimmy Kimmel in my underwear, so, of course I would do a soap opera," Artest said. "Hands down. When they told me I had the opportunity and asked if I wanted to do a soap opera, I said, 'Of course, man.' I'm not going
to run away. When I was a kid, I wanted to be on TV. Why would I run away from being on TV?"
Basically, the Jets desperately want Artest to join their ranks and Artest also wants to go to England and see if he can make a name in television. However, Ron believes that his health is more important and unless insurance can
cover the $21.6 million remaining on his contract, he will not be going to England.
Artest’s agent had been unhappy with the insurance package that was offered to the $33 million star from Los Angeles. The British Basketball League is not a wealthy league, hence, the Cheshire Jets are also financially not very
rich. Given that they were only able to offer around $1500 a month to Ron, it comes as no surprise that cannot cover such a massive insurance cost.
However, the deal is still not over and club manager Pete Hawkins is still optimistic that a middle ground can be reached over the coming few days.
“The next few days we need to work really hard,” Hawkin’s said. “Insurance was always an issue from the outset but we are still trying hard to ensure Ron has the protection he needs to play.”
Most of the fans in the NBA as well as in BBL have been sincerely wanting to see the deal take place, partly because the prospect of Ron acting is indeed a very exciting one and is sure to be a source of great entertainment.
Ron has won five NBA rings along with Kobe an in his 12 years of service, he has averaged 14.8 points, 3 assists and 4.8 rebounds; per game.



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