Robbie Deans exuberant with Wallabies win over All Blacks in Tri-Nations - Rugby News

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Robbie Deans exuberant with Wallabies win over All Blacks in Tri-Nations - Rugby News
Wallabies head coach, Robbie Deans, is jubilant with his teams’ impressive win against the Tri-Nations defending champions All Blacks. The Wallabies thumped the visitors in the final of the Tri-Nations Cup 2011 by 25-20 on August 27, in Brisbane and claimed
the title after a decade. Australia had won the previous Tri-Nations Cup in 2001 and it took ten years for them to regain the glory. Deans applauded his side on August 28 and said that the Aussies had played extremely well to deprive the All Blacks from another
Tri-Nations victory.
The Wallabies had a tremendous show against the All Blacks to clinch a hard fought victory. They kept the opponents under extreme pressure and did not give any easy opportunities to bounce back in the match. They scored heaps of points during the first-half
and laid down a strong base for victory.
The Wallabies limited the All Blacks to a meagre total of six points after the end of first-half whereas the Aussies increased their points to 20 at the other end. All Blacks back lines and forward lines could do nothing but chase the rampant Wallabies.
The Australians looked shaky at one stage when the All Blacks scored a few quick points in the start of the second-half and levelled the equation with 20 each. However, Wallabies took back the strike and scored a decisive try in the 60th minute
of the match.
Talking to the media about his side’s victory, Deans said that, “We've had stanzas of good play in some of our recent meetings against the All Blacks but we haven't gone the 80 minutes and that's what we had to do and we got there. It's a significant result
for us as we haven't done that since 2001 so that's a biggie.”
Wallabies coach further said that, “But in terms of the World Cup it's irrelevant and if anything we've just put the bar up to that end certainly should we be fortunate enough to meet the All Blacks again (at the World Cup).”
Quade Cooper and Radike Samo played a vital role in Wallabies victory before their home crowd.



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