Robbie Deans asks Australian players to look after themselves in next year’s rugby season – Rugby News

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Robbie Deans asks Australian players to look after themselves in next year’s rugby season – Rugby News
New Zealand born Australian National Rugby Union team head coach, Robbie Deans, has called on Australian Rugby Union (ARU) players to take care of themselves during the 2012 Rugby Season. He
made these comments while talking to AAP on Tuesday, November 15. He stressed on the need of effective player utilisation during the upcoming season. He said, “Player management will be key, ultimately the players themselves have to master that.”
Deans made these comments in view of the tough new year commitments of the ARU and it’s players. ARU players will participate in the 2012 Super Rugby season, which is schedule to start during
February 2012 to August 2012. The Super Rugby season is stretched into August to accommodate the inbound tests for the participating nations during the month of June 2012.
All participating teams of the 2012 Super Rugby competition will take a four-week break but the players representing their national teams will be under added pressure and stress. Five ARU teams
will participate in the upcoming Super Rugby competition.  
At the end of the 2012 Super Rugby competition, Australia will start their Southern Hemisphere Four Nations title campaign. Southern Hemisphere’s Tri Nations tournament has been revamped into
the Four Nations tournament with the inclusion of the Argentinean national Rugby Union team in the competition. This step has been taken to give Pumas more chances to play international competitive games.
2012 Four Nations tournament will start in August and will come to an end during October 2012. Besides Australia and Argentina, World Champions, All Blacks and Springboks will also compete
in the championship.
Australian national Rugby Union team commonly known as Wallabies will start their 2012 international season with their encounter against Scotland on June 5, 2012. They will conclude their hectic
2012 Rugby season with their European tour later in the year.  
Deans expressed his confidence that Australian super rugby teams, players and concerned ARU officials will be interacting to efficiently utilise the players. He added that players are the key
resources and they should be protected from over playing.
Deans added, “It is a totally new experience what were going into, there's no doubt, starting in February going right through into December, no let up.”



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