Rei Doms Evra likely to win Betfred The Bonus King Maiden Standard Trophy - Heat 1

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Rei Doms Evra likely to win the Betfred ´The Bonus King´ Maiden Standard Trophy - Heat 1
Rei Doms Evra is in a good position to win the Betfred ´The Bonus King´ Maiden Standard Trophy - Heat 1 at Nottingham in England on Monday, July 16, 2012. The winner of the 500 metres flat event will be awarded a cash prize of £125.
The Grade OR event is scheduled to start at 20:51 GMT, and there are some very good runners lined up for action at Nottingham.
This will make the competition quite interesting, but the bettors will have to choose their favourite carefully, as the top three are pretty evenly matched.
Although, Rei Doms Evra does not have a lot of experience, yet he is considered to be one of the top contenders for victory. He has got impressive speed and has proved to be competitive in a few events he has taken part in.
However, he will be making his debut in this class today, which might put a few doubts in the minds of the punters.
The D. Hampson’s trained hound is quite new to the sport, as he just debuted in June 2012. He started off his career with an appearance in a T3 event and showed impressive skills in it. However, he was not the fastest runner on that day and finished second by just a short head distance.
The black dog took part in another T3 event afterwards and managed to take the top spot in that comfortably. No one was able to match his speed back then and there was a clear sign of improvement in his performance.
Rei Doms Evra was tested in a solo run before being sent into competitive racing. He participated in a Grade A1 event at the start of July and was given a starting price of 5 to 1 by the bookmakers. He did not have a clear run, but did a decent job in the end, finishing runner up by just a short head distance.
In his most recent race, the young hound was rated as the favourite to win and he lived up to the expectations of everyone in the end, winning by five lengths. Looking at that performance, it seems that no one will be able to come in his way today.
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