Rebecca Soni outshines in Women’s 100m breaststroke playoff: Day three – Austin Grand Prix

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Rebecca Soni outshines in Women’s 100m breaststroke playoff: Day three – Austin Grand Prix
Rebecca I Soni of Trojan-CA outshined her competitors in the Women’s 100m breaststroke final by winning gold medal of the event on day three of the Austin Grand Prix at Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center on Sunday, January 15.
Austin is the second stage of seven-stop 2011-12 USA Swimming Grand Prix Series, which gives a chance to international swimmers to perform in their respective events.
The 24-year-old Soni remained prominently ahead of her competitors in the double lap breaststroke discipline. She shattered hopes of her opponents by occupying gold medal of the event with a stupendous 1 minute and 06.88 seconds effort.
Her undisputed effort placed her 1.41 seconds ahead of Breeja Larson of Texas A & M University. The 19-year-old Larson appeared on the medal rostrum for silver medal by completing her swim in a time of 1 minute and 08.29 seconds.
She faced tough competition from a Canadian veteran, Jillian D Tyler throughout the 100m event. The 23-year-old Tyler was edged out by Larson with a difference of 0.04 seconds. She earned third fastest spot of the race by submitting a time of 1 minute and
08.33 seconds.
Subsequently, the crowd experienced ruthless aggression of Mark D Gangloff in Men’s 100m breaststroke. The 29-year-old Gangloff was involved in a neck-to-neck race by Valerii Dymo of Redlands Swim Team but he managed to out-touch him on the finishing end
for gold medal.
Gangloff hit the wall with a finest effort of 1 minute and 01.08 seconds for gold medal. He remained 0.17 seconds away from Dymo, who ended his swim in a time of 1 minute and 01.25 seconds for silver medal.
 The 26-year-old Dymo was chased by Trojan-CA’s Eric L Shanteau, who remained just 0.29 seconds behind him and concluded his race in third place with an effort of 1 minute and 01.54 seconds.
The session came to an end after the completion of all listed events whereas the position holders received awards and accolades for their undisputed efforts at the medal ceremony. Furthermore, the next stop of Grand Prix will be in Columbia from February
10 to 12.



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