Real Madrid sign former Bayern Munich midfielder Hamit Altintop

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Real Madrid signs former Schalke’ 04 midfielder, Hamit Altintop, from Bayern Munich
The departure of from Bayern Munich was expected after the German outfit and the Turkish international failed to agree over an extension contract however no pundit, analyst or even the ghost of Paul the Octopus could predict the surprising
offer that lay ahead of him to become part of the Los Blancos.
Reports from Europe are confirming that the former Schalke’ 04 player has inked a four year contract with Spanish football powerhouse, Real Madrid.
The news has also been confirmed by the club officials who were exuberant over his arrival and predicted that the star had a promising future ahead at Santiago Bernabeu.
It has also been confirmed that Real Madrid and Altintop have agreed upon a long term contract which will end in 2015. The Turkish star’s wages have not been announced yet but since he was a free agent, Bayern Munich failed to acquire any transfer fee.
Club officials from Real Madrid have confirmed the signing saying, “Real Madrid C.F and former Bayern Munich player Hamit Altintop have reached an agreement in which he will join the club for the next four seasons”.
Altintop started his career from Wattenscheid in 1997. After training for 3 years in his youth academy he was promoted to the first team in 2000.
He stayed with the club till 2003 and then signed a contract with Schalke’ 04’s 2nd team. His performance with them was so impressive that he was soon brought to the club’s first team.
By the end of 2007, Altintop was up for another move, this time to the German football giants, Bayern Munich. The star agreed to a four year contract with them but four years later the two parties disagreed on extension terms.
Hence after 4 seasons in Bundesliga, the 28-year-old midfielder is now off to taste the La Liga.
Bayern Munich had already announced that they won’t be presenting a renewal option in Altintop’s contract so Altintop’s last game was against Stuttgart last weekend.
His contract would have officially expired in June and Real Madrid would be able to offer the Turkish good wages considering they didn’t have to pay any transfer fee.



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