Randy Wells’ pitching helps Chicago Cubs defeat Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1 – MLB Update

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Randy Wells’ pitching helps Chicago Cubs defeat Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1 – MLB Update
Starting pitcher Randy Wells threw six impressive innings with six strike-outs to help the Chicago Cubs beat Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1 at Wrigley Field, Chicago, on April 4.
Wells surpassed the Diamondbacks’ starter Joe Saunders with more strike-outs. He was successful in his pitching due to low balls. As a recruit in 2009, Wells had a Win-Loss record of 12-10 with a 3.05 ERA and is trying to do the same in the current season.
Wells had an extra-ordinary performance right through the spring training season for the Cubs and made a place in the rotation. He started his first game with the Diamondbacks, as he felt solid after throwing in the soggy conditions of Wrigley Field. Wells
gave up six hits and had four walks.
Randy seemed to be very aggressive as he said, “The home run was a mistake. The first hitter of the game you don't want to walk him. It's not the end of the world. A solo homer. You never want to be around the belt or mid-thighs.”
The Cubs’ pinch-hitter Reed Johnson come in place for the first baseman Carlos Pena, who made a leading run in the fourth inning but had to abandon the game due to a thumb injury. He suffered an injury while catching the wide throw from short-stop Starlin
Castro. Pena scored a leading run by a sacrifice fly to Saunders.
Pena’s substitute was caught to right-field by Justin Upton who made a powerful throw and Marlon Byrd did not reach the plate in time. Geovany Soto made a walk to load the bases while Aramis Ramirez had a solo run.
The Cubs’ manager Mike Quade stated that Pena will be estimated to settle on the level of the injury. He further said, “He could play defense he said no problem. He said, 'I can swing it, but if we got an inning going here maybe someone would be better off.’
So we'll take a look at him tomorrow and see how he's doing. ... He just got his thumb bent back.”
Alfonso Soriano made an RBI single and hit a solo home-run for the Cubs. Kerry Wood threw from a base-loaded corner in the eighth inning as the Cubs made the Win-Loss record equal. Carlos Marmol played a closer role as he threw in the 9th inning.
Saunders pitched up to six innings, as he was also scheduled to throw against the Colorado Rockies but the game was delayed due to rain and snow. He permitted two runs on five hits and also gave up a homer to Soriano in the third inning.
The Cubs put in a tremendous effort as they managed to restrict the Diamondbacks’ offence and get a crucial win.



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