Ramirez Gonzalez conquers Women’s 200m backstroke heat: Day three – 2012 Columbus Grand Prix

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Ramirez Gonzalez conquers Women’s 200m backstroke heat: Day three – 2012 Columbus Grand Prix

Ramirez Gonzalez of Mexico conquered the preliminary rounds of Women’s 200m backstroke on third day of the 2012 Columbus Grand Prix at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion on Sunday, March 11.
The 21-year-old Gonzalez went full throttle in the four-lap backstroke event and stifled hopes of her challengers by claiming her eligibility for the top qualification spot.
Gonzalez had no difficulty in proving her mettle for the top spot of the race. With her quickest response to the start, she gained prominent lead over her challengers as she sprinted her way towards the other end and completed her initial lap of the event
in a time of 31.20 seconds.
She was trailed by Madison White of Crow Canyon County, who remained 1.02 seconds slower from Gonzalez and concluded her first lap with the timing of 32.22 seconds.
The Mexican swimmer continued her eye-catching performance in the second lap, where she became prominent for the top position by submitting a time of 1 minute and 04.67 seconds. In contrast, the 17-year-old White stayed nearly two seconds slower from her
former swimmer and reported a time of 1 minute and 06.43 seconds.
The third lap saw phenomenal efforts of Gonzalez, who continued her supremacy over her challengers by clocking an effort of 1 minute and 38.46 seconds. On the other hand, White stayed almost three seconds slower from her preceding swimmer and posted a time
of 1 minute and 41.28 seconds.
With her persistent efforts, the Mexican expert lived up to the expectations of her supporters and completed her swim in a time of 2 minutes and 11.58 seconds. She was trailed by White, who remained 4.05 seconds behind her and emerged on the finishing end
with the timing of 2 minutes and 15.63 seconds.
The third finest qualification spot of the backstroke discipline was obtained by Therese Svendsen of Southern Methodist University, who was almost 0.50 seconds away from overwhelming the second best finisher and settled on the finishing blockade with the
timing of 2 minutes and 16.10 seconds.
In addition, these participants will compete with each other in the playoff of 200m event while the session ended after the conclusion of events.



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