Rajoy takes Erdogan an Islamist rally for local elections

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The trip to Ankara will be remembered in the Spanish delegation. The timing, the attitude of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and apparent unpredictability Mariano Rajoy team made ​​a visit to a real economic trap with uncomfortable images. The Spanish president was forced to put a face on Tuesday circumstances while Erdogan berated his side to a journalist who asked him Zatam corruption. And on Wednesday participated in no less than an Islamist rally for local elections in March almost inadvertently, something unprecedented for a PP leader who also was once critical of the Alliance of Civilizations promoted José Luis RodrÃ_guez Zapatero and Erdogan.

In order to please Erdogan, Rajoy avoided during the two-day trip reproach by corruption scandals besetting the Turkish prime minister. Nor did he mention the Internet censorship law, the harsh repression of protests in Istanbul, attacks on the press or purging the police investigating the scandal. The Spanish president wanted to go unnoticed in these issues and focus on the economy, with large public works contracts and defense industry at stake in a thriving country and major infrastructure done.

With his desire to please the Turkish authorities, visited the mausoleum of Ataturk and reached another day trip, leaving Madrid planted in the opposition, which was waiting in the control session of Congress. But Erdogan, a political veteran who has 11 years in power, the president played Spanish. Rajoy was used in a ceremony, organized as an inauguration of a subway line led Ankara Comsa, Catalan company, was actually a meeting of the moderate Islamist party, Justice and Development, a large pavilion. Among party flags, shouts pro- Erdogan of more than 5,000 militants and mitinero tone of Prime Minister Rajoy worked as an opening act for luxury.

Turkey aspires to membership of the EU, and while some countries will get hit, Rajoy supported him almost without qualification. Turkish Prime Minister did not miss the chance and boasted to his people from his "friend" Rajoy, leader of one of the largest countries in the EU.

The president spoke very little Spanish but did so with enthusiasm. Greeted the audience as if nothing mitinero gotten into the atmosphere. "It is an honor to be here with all of you and thank you for inviting me to this event," he said to applause from the militants. "There is a great warmth and trust between the two governments," he said. Rajoy even seemed excited and proclaimed " proud " that a company like Spanish Catalan Comsa had done the work underground. "I 've moved a lot by listening here in Ankara the national anthem," he concluded. But Erdogan, who came after, yes it was a rally. And I made ​​it clear.

The president is facing its worst political moment, beset by protests and corruption scandals, has relieved 10 of his 25 ministers, by international criticism and wants to sweep in local elections to show that still controls the country. Therefore, during the primary campaign, encouraged their candidates, some of them present as the mayor of Ankara, and attacked cries the opposition: "Those who want to drag us into unnecessary disputes them we say: whatever you do, we will continue serving the people. Many people try to block the country but they will not succeed. " During the event, in true populist style, the president, Abdullah GÃ_l, was pulled off the promise that for one week the metro will be free, and the public thanked him.

Rajoy also applauded at the end of every speech. In Turkey it has consolidated a trading partner because Erdogan seemed delighted. Although the cost ratio may be greater than expected before PP voters, who have never been sympathetic Islamic world, not even the Turkish leader, who has hardened his speech.

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