Psychic or Spiritual Phenomena?

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i was in bed and i woke up in the middle of the night and i felt this strange feeling, to be honest it was like a friendly presence but as usual only i was in the room.... so what was it some kind of spiritual encounter or psychic phenomena?




  1. Who the heck really knows? I never could figure out why people can be so certain there were no such things as ghosts or presences when they can't come up with proof...

    just be friendly but not too trusting - remember Ghostbusters.

    Good luck!

  2. A much more likely explaination would be one of the following.

    -your imagination

    -a dream

    -hypnopompic hallucination

    Everytime you go to bed all kinds of weird stuff happens to your body that you arent aware of. Your body becomes paralyzed (this prevents you from living out your dreams), your mind goes into this vivid hallucinogenic state (your dreams) and at the time its happening, your mind turns off its awareness of the world around you and focuses on the dream, pretending that that is reality.

    If you have a sleeping disorder or are under stress, any of these things can happen alone without actually being asleep.

    All I am saying, is this is a much more logical explaination than magical mystical spirits and psychics which for some reason have eluded science as existing phenomena.

    Remember the paranormal field of research is the only place in science were old wives tales and rumors hold more weight than logic, reason, and research.

  3. From such data it is impossible to say. There is also the possibility of a psychological state; perhaps you were dreaming and forgot the dream as you awoke ( as we do most dreams)?

  4. spiritual, its your inner being feeling positive emotion, it means you're on the right track

  5. It's amazing how so much psychic and spiritual.activity happens in bed.I wonder if it's related to sleep in some way.

  6. No, it's much more probable that you were still remembering or experiencing your dream in some way.

  7. Check this link.  I think it will help.

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