Primary School Teaching - is a Science GCSE needed?

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I read on one site it was needed if you were born after a certain date.

Some people have said I don't need it.

Another website said only if I wanted to teach key stages 2/3.

Does anyone actually KNOW if I need a Science GCSE?

Please help!




  1. Yes, for all primary and secondary teaching course you need a C or above in English, Maths and Science.

  2. I would say yes but why not contact a teacher training facility.

    But then I've just looked at the link below and it says GCSE grade C and above for English and maths.

  3. Yes you do.

    How can you expect to teach science if you don't understand it yourself?

  4. yeah miss i think you do (sorry couldn't resist)

  5. Yes hun, I think you do. I think you need GCSE grade in everything that primary covers ideally.

    EDIT: OK, I looked it up, and apparently the only KS2/3 is right.

    Bear in mind though, that sticking to KS1 limits you to the 4-6 age group and no higher, so it's probably preferable to have it.

    England and Wales

    Candidates for any form of teacher training in England and Wales must have GCSEs (A-C) in English and maths (or equivalent qualifications). To teach in a primary school or at Key Stage 2-3, candidates also require a GCSE (A-C) in a science subject. In England, candidates must pass tests in literacy, numeracy and ITC

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