Preview: The Coral TV Maidens Trophy heats at Romford

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Preview: The Coral TV Maidens Trophy heats at Romford

Romford will host three Coral TV Maidens Trophy heats that will establish the field for two semi-finals to be raced on 25 October. The top four dogs from each heat advance. The £750 final will be raced on 29 October.
The Coral TV Maidens Trophy - Heat 1
Lady Luck will race from trap one in the first heat. She’s still learning the track, and will need some luck to win this race.
Jay Teel Hawk in trap two looked great early in his career, but has dropped off of late.
In the third trap will be Flagstaff Law, a veteran who often finishes fifth or sixth.
Ballyneale Bull will go from trap four. He’s one of the better racers in this group, but is prone to slowing down in the final stretches of races.
Cockney Diva has been racing in A1 races of late, although not doing very well. Still, she has an excellent chance of winning against this field. She’ll race form trap five.
Maises Falcon is another A1 racer, with more experience than Diva, but he’ll be going from trap six. Normally Falcon is a middle of the pack racer, and he hasn’t raced from trap six since March, a last place finish.
Best bet: Cockey Diva is going to be the best bet in this race, even if her odds are short.
The Coral TV Maidens Trophy - Heat 2
In trap one is rookie racer, Lady Shamrock. She’s unproven and young, a difficult combination to bet on to win.
In trap two is Gottabe Kinda. He’s another rookie that punters are best to avoid.
Paulees Knight has won half of his six career races. He may be young, but he’s got style. He’ll race from trap three.
In trap four is Half The Battle, who has yet to finish below second. If the odds are long on Battle, she could be the pick of the litter.
Wichita Joe is the most experienced racer of the bunch, and he has a few wins to his credit. He’ll be the safe bet in this one.
In trap six is Aero Merlin, another young but fairly successful hound. He likes the outside trap, and could challenge Joe and Battle for first in this race.
The Coral TV Maidens Trophy - Heat 3
Romeo Colardo drew trap one in the third heat. He started off his career with three straight wins, and has only finished out of the top three once.
In trap two is Strattons Brett, an experienced racer who hasn’t won since 7 July. Since then he’s been lucky to finish in the top three.
Rookie, Glasha Tribe, will race from trap three. What few results he’s had are mixed, making him a good dog to avoid.
Teflon Tim hasn’t won a race since 3 August, but he does have a few second place finishes since then. He’ll go from trap four.
In trap five is Bridge Bomber. He was racing well last winter, but has under-preformed since then.
In the sixth trap is Boulanger Jet, an experienced hound who has won two of his last three. The last win was an A1 race.
Best bet: Go with Boulanger Jet in this one, he’s got the experience to win, and he’s proven capable.



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