Premier League Player Ratings – Manchester City vs Swansea City – Manchester City

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Premier League Player Ratings – Manchester City vs Swansea City – Manchester City
Manchester City played host to Swansea at the Etihad Stadium, in what was both the teams opening fixture in the Premier League. City were taking the cautious approach going into the game, mainly because they were not sure what Swansea were capable of. Nonetheless,
a near flawless second half performance saw City stroll to a four goals to nil victory over the newly promoted side. Barely had anything to do during the game, but when he was called into action, he did so brilliantly. Played a decent game and constantly kept taking out the Swansea attackers and preventing any threats to his goal. The City captain led by example. He made some brilliant tackles and was outstanding during aerial battles.
Gael Clichy: Looked a little confused during the initial stages of the game. However, he went on to grow into the game and got forward often. Proved his worth in the City team. Constantly kept the Swansea wingers at bay and made some promising runs up front. Was playing the holding midfielders roll and made some decent tackles. However, he had to be taken off for picking up a slight injury in the second half. The only City player who seemed to be missing on the pitch. However, he almost scored as one of his efforts came off the post near the end of the first half.
Yaya Toure: Played his standard game. Went on to make surging runs and even helped out with the defence. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the back of the net. The Spaniard was the brains behind every City move. Went on to make some brilliant runs and even picked up a goal during the game. His initial shot on goal is what led to the opening goal of the game being scored. Apart from that, the winger was quick, to the point and lively throughout the game. He proved his worth for the City squad, as he played with close to no mistakes
to his game.
Edin  Dzeko: Seems to have finally come out of the slump that he as in last season. Showed just what he is capable off, as he went on to boss the Swansea defenders on a number of occasions. He missed a glorious chance to open the scoring after having created
space for himself, but made up for it with a tap in later on.
Substitutes: Aguero: Came on in the second half and had a dream debut. Scored two goals, set up another and was easily the best player on the pitch. Both came on in the second half, but barely spent fifteen minutes on the pitch.



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