Practice your music in small sections at a time to improve it fast

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Practice your music in small sections at a time to improve it fast? Music to those who like it is more important than air. They do what is required and will go to any length to get better. Practice your music in small sections at a time. These sections, or cells, are a finite series of motions and can range from a few notes at a time to an entire piece. Practicing your music in small sections at a time will limit the amount of information the muscles have to learn at one time and it helps the mind concentrate and focus on the work at hand.
Once you have mastered a small section, or cell, be sure to link the end of it to the next section to help the muscles develop a sense of continuum throughout the piece of music. Once your muscles have learned the pattern of music, they will be capable of executing it without conscious control. It is important that you initiate the music in a pattern through a conscious command and allow the muscles to execute it in a burst.
Be sure that you do not practice your mistakes for each repetition because it takes at least seven times the number of repetitions to change the pattern. If you make a mistake, stop and review the pattern in your mind before initiating it through your muscles and your instrument. After reviewing it in your mind, try it through your muscles at a reduced speed and work it slowly up to tempo.

How to take your music skills to the next level, focus on small section.

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