Plz plz plz plz help?

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i need to raise money and fast. how do i do it? i am talking about thousands here. i need to know some scams or something, i would do anything. it is a matter of life and death. please help. is there a job i can get online?




  1. Nothing is worth selling your soul for.  It wouldn't be right or fair to scam other people, and it's not worth the risk.  An inexperienced and hasty scammer is very likely to be caught.

    Online jobs are not a pot of gold.  You're not going to get rich overnight, and most of the deals that offer big money fast are scams - you'd be the victim instead of the perpetrator.

    If you're really that desperate, get a loan.  A loan shark will happily loan you whatever you want - you'll just have to work your butt off to repay it on time before they beat you up.

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