Players at Arsenal who need to be sent out on a loan spell

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Players at Arsenal who need to be sent out on a loan spell
Arsenal is one of the most renowned teams to have the best young talent on display amongst their ranks. The players that come out of the academies at Arsenal are usually, way ahead of their expected mark and are almost as good as any player out there.
That being said, it is probably advisable for those players to be offloaded to teams on loans, so that they could better harness their skills.
The players in that way would receive some much needed field time which would help in the future, when they are featured for the Arsenal squad and the youngsters would have a much better sense of how the game is played on the biggest of scales.
Arsenal often tend to use their youngsters when it comes to the matches in the Carling Cup, but those players are often in-experienced when they are fielded. Which is why a loan spell would not only help the players but also the team in the long run.
Here is a look at some of the future prospects at Arsenal who could make do with a loan spell.
Vito Mannone
It is still quite unclear to figure out just why Vito Mannone isn’t offered a spot in the Arsenal starting eleven, despite Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski proving in the past that they are prone to make massive blunders from time to time. However the
way things are going, the keeper is bound to not feature in a first team match for a long while. However if the twenty two year old is offloaded to a team, not only will he get much playing time, he would in turn, improve tremendously. Which would make him
a much worthy member of the Arsenal squad and a definite future prospect for the team.
Craig Eastmond
Craig Eastmond despite being only twenty years old, has already managed to make seven appearances for Arsenal in all competitions and four of those appearances have been in the English Premier League.
Eastmond apart from being a native of England is a powerful player, who has tremendous technique, ball control, speed and more than decent upper body strength. His is also a very versatile player, who can play in almost any position when asked to and he
manages to deliver every single time.
However the player is definitely one who could be made much better, if given the opportunity to be loaned out to another team for a season of two.
Connor Henderson
Henderson has been one of the most impressive players in the Arsenal youth side. In fact the player was so impressive, that he spent quite a number of games last season on the Arsenal bench. Despite not making many appearances from the bench, it is still
a respectable record for any reserve player.
The midfielder is however quite unlikely to be featured in any first team game for Arsenal in the league and that is because he is very inexperienced. The player could really make use of a loan deal, which would see him gain some valuable experience and
get the chance to feature in the Arsenal first team.




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