Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison’s return uncertain after practice miss – NFL News

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Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison’s return uncertain after practice miss – NFL News
The uncertainty surrounding return of Pittsburgh Steelers star linebacker James Harrison lingers on irrespective of the ambitious hopes of coach Mike Tomlin that the player should be fine for their home game against the New York Jets this Sunday.
Independent reviews of the running back’s situation do not depict an encouraging picture after he missed practice for the second straight day on Wednesday.
According to the reports emerging around the latest recovery status of the player, he still feels irritation in the surgically repaired left knee and without a timeline it is difficult for the team to be hundred percent sure about his return.
In spite of all the uncertainty his return will be interesting to see as he takes on the Jets offensive line strengthened by Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.
James is well known for roughing, in fact, messing up with opposition's offence line and has knocked some of key players down with injuries as serious as concussions. Unfortunate for him, he has been l*****g his own wounds this season, so far, and it is
yet to be seen how he goes about his game style this season.
Some commentators see him not the same old Harrison following a game-suspension last season over a head hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Others do not buy this view and say it is difficult to discipline a player like him as after having received
hefty fines in the past he turned out to be as rough as he had been before.
Away from his attitude towards tackling his opponents, the Steelers hope he returns soon and helps their cause for win, which they are yet to score. The team lost their first game of the season against the Denver Broncos, which more or less was a replica
of their playoff game last season – they had lost that game too against the same opposition in a similar manner.
Meanwhile, the team has good news on Rashard Mendenhall’s end that he has returned to full practice and must be ready for the next game.



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