Phil Mickelson makes way for Northern Trust Open with unaltered strategy

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Phil Mickelson makes way for Northern Trust Open with unaltered strategy
The Northern Trust Open golf gets underway from Thursday. It features the elite of golf teeing it together at the panoramic location of Riviera Country Club.
Among all other stars of golf, it is the 41-year-old American golfer Phil Mickelson who is making headlines all over.
He has emerged as the media’s favourite after he was able to claim victory at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am event after defeating Tiger Woods.
In order to add his 41st victory, Mickelson is now all set and geared to experience the breath taking sights at Riviera.
However, he intends to do this without an unaltered strategy. "I had such a fun week that I want to try and have that again," Mickelson said.
He went on, "I don't feel like there's a letdown. I feel like there's an excitement and a new energy to get back in that position. I love having a chance to win".
It is important to mention here that Mickelson was able to grab the Northern Trust trophy in 2008 and 2009. He still needs to acquire it for the third time.
Experts believe that, even with the same strategy, it will not be very easy for Mickelson, as he will be facing World No. 1 Luke Donald in the event.
Donald who is making his debut in the event is known for his aggressive comeback and ingenious game play that makes him different from all other golfers.
On the other hand, Mickelson is all set to continue his winning streak of championships like the one he was able to do at Montreal Peninsula.
He desperately needs an improvement in his world ranking and that can only be achieved if he is able to secure greater victories.
Mickelson believes that if he plays with his own style, make a couple of birdies, he will be able to do it.
However, there have been cases when he has been making some major blunders and then he had to pay large penalties for it.
"I play to win; I'm going to go for it," he said. "I'm going to try to make birdies.… When I'm playing well, I make [them], and when I don't have it, my mistakes are going to be big".
According to pundits Northern Trust is going to be one tough battle that will distinguish between the best and ‘bestest’ on the field.



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