Phil Jones rules out the fear factor for England’s friendly against Spain – International Football

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Manchester United’s defender at the Wembley stadium in a friendly encounter on Saturday has come out and exhibited confidence in his team mates before their massive test on 12th
of November, 2011. Jones has risen to fame this season ever since he sealed a summer transfer window move to Manchester United from Blackburn
Jones has been impressive in his performances for United and through his displays for the Red Devils; he has earned a place in will hope that they can inspire themselves
to a win against Spain on Saturday but such a task will be harder than it seems on paper due to Spain’s overwhelming superiority in the arena of international football.
The Iberian giants have been conquering everything before them and their current status as the European as well as the World Champions goes on to show that quality that they possess in their squad. However such talk is not fazing
young Phil Jones who seems intent on making an impact against Spain when England take on the World Champions.
He said in his recent interview, “There has been a lot of talk about Spain and not much about England. I don’t fear the game. Nothing worries me, I love playing football. I am competing against the best players in the Premier League
and all over the world.  They are fantastic players, we all know that. But they are only human; everyone can make mistakes if you get in among them and really bite away.”
He added that it will be a massive psychological boost for the English national team if they manage to get a positive result against Spain on Saturday evening at the Wembley stadium in London. England can sure use a psychological
boost before heading into next summer’s European Championships as the three lions will be expected to at least make it to the quarterfinal stage when the tournament in question takes place in next summer.  Capello will most probably start
with Jones at the right back spot rather than in central defence despite the absence of



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