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I sold a really nice SLR camera to someone and foolishly trusted them so I sent the camera to them while the payment said it was still pending since it was for a "birthday present". I figured that pending meant they have the transaction but are waiting for it to go through. I just called paypal and they told me that the guy never paid and that the email address was not registered to that e-mail.

Is there ANYTHING i can do or did I just lost 650 dollars???




  1. there is a section on the paypal  site called 'seller protection!

    If you read this you will see what your rights are. If you make an appeal ( dispute ) Paypal will open up an investigation for you. And decide who is in favour. If you have proof of postage. this may help.


  2. First off, never ever make the mistake of sending an item BEFORE receiving the payment. If the person wants it fast, then they should pay for expedited shipping,

    Paypal seller protection is only available to Sellers with Verified Business or Premier account

    Even then, you may have a problem with the clause "For your transaction to qualify, you must ship the item to an eligible address" if there is a problem with the email address the buyer registered

    Your main problem is that the guy never paid. Your only option may be to report the person to the police or sue them -- if you're willing to go through that aggravation

    It's a very expensive mistake. And a big no-no when selling online. Trust means squat online -- the money has to be in your account first.  

  3. Trust, but verify ALWAYS.

    And verify means having an actual PayPal payment in the bank. You can try reporting the guy for fraud and report him to the police in his area, but he may have used a fake name and/or address as well.

    Use that site to look up the local police based on the address he gave you.

    If you used the US Postal Service to mail the camera, you can contact the post office and ask to file postal fraud. I don't know that it will have the results you wish, but I'd report it anyway.

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