Pascal vs Bernard - Deserving of a Rematch?

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I think Hopkins was robbed. Canadian favoritism and bias for Pascal saved him the crown and embarrassment.




  1. Two downs is a lot of points given away, yes he sent more punchs, but lots of them crushed in Jean s guard, not so many powerfull, he knew with two downs he was late on the compt.

  2. Yeah i believe it was one of the best matches of 2010 year....look at the replay

  3. hopkins outboxet pascal fom round 3, bernard had more punches connected and more power punches, if u do that in most rounds then u win the fight, that is boxing!
    u dont win the fight if the only punches you connect with is a few wild swings and some lucky punches bag in the head. if you cant see that yuo must be stupid or maby you did not see the fight, look at the stats from the fight!!!

  4. nope! the fight should have been pascal's. i don't see hopkins doing enough to win.

  5. that was a fair fight, bernard fans just cant accept the draw!

  6. shouldn't had been no draw from the judges, the judges were wrong in their decision of a majority draw. Clearly from what i saw, u won the fight! And many boxing analysts also say u won the fight.

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