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i was trying to install a modchip on my wii and then i made a mistake and had to take off some solder from the board. but then that solder got stuck to some other one. and then i tried to get that off but then it split into pieces and when all around the area. and then the blobs kept getting mixed up and everything and now its so bad that i cant even see where the points are. they might have even gotten ripped off or melted or osmething. did i just brick my wii? some blobs are suck to each other and everything. is there a way I can fix this? or even still make it so that i can install my chip? PLEASE HELP ME SCARED TO LOSING MY WII!




  1. Why are you trying to mod your Wii in the first place? Have you ever modded before? Making mistakes while smoldering electronics, isn't a good idea. Depending on what you smoldered, It might still work, so I wouldn't mess with anything. Take it to a shop before you do something un-fixable.  

  2. try heting the sader then blow it off the wires if that doset work melt the sader then quikly wip it with a napkin

  3. What kind of a nerd are you? Playing video games all day? I know Wii's aren't exactly cheap, but it's not your baby. Go pee on a stick.

  4. What is this? I don't even

    I seriously think this is a joke question. If it's real, your Wii is done for.

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