PJ Fahy left with 10 in Irish Derby

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PJ Fahy left with 10 in Irish Derby

PJ Fahy has been brought down to 10 runners in the Ladbrokes Irish Derby following last week’s first-round heats.
The owner of the Tyrur Kennels remains optimistic and believes he still has a healthy chance of claiming Europe’s most valuable prize.
Fahy broke the record last week when submitting 20 entrants into the competition, some of which have produced some encouraging efforts and may well go the distance if they can continue to develop their form at Shelbourne Park.
Tyrur Enda has been the shining star for Fahy and has been installed at 16-1 in the ante-post market, which puts him four points off the market leader’ Farley Blitz who clocked the fastest time of 28.57sec last week, opposed to Enda’s 28.72sec.
Fahy is said to be expecting a big run from Enda in a difficult heat seven tomorrow night. “He must come on for the run like last week and hopefully he will get one of his fast starts from the inside. He is a real railer and he certainly has the early pace to lead them all,” he said.
The one real negative from the opening round was the unfortunate career-ending injury to Tyrur Brennan, which means that there will be just five runners in heat nine on Saturday, a race that can be dominated by Colorful Champ.
[Second round heats will be held on Thursday and Saturday]



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