Online jobs in india without any investment?

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Online jobs in india without any investment?




  1. No sales here, so it will be comparably easy if you apply some of your brain power.

    I can list few methods here, also please consider that I am to lazy to type the way to do it. So you can contact me if you need more details. Don't go fr click bank or affiliate marketing sites which ask you to make sales. You will hardly make a sale.

    1. File sharing (you will get paid each time when someone downloads your file for free)
    2. CPA (Cost per actions) - Dating sites or freebies sites are better (you will get paid each time when someone submits their email ID and NAME for something free)
    3. Article writing with associatedcontent(dot)com (I will teach you a method how you can submit articles to this site even without even writing an article)
    4. Pay Per Installs - (you get paid when some one installs an interesting free software on their system, which you referred.)
    5. Refer someone for a JOB - These site pay you when you refer someone for their Job vacancies. During this financial crisis time its a good option to run an on line Job consulting firm even without a basic setup. Just Join with them.

    Okk i think thats enough for you to start with. The important one is getting people to click your links and join those sites or programs you referred.

    Send me a mail, I will give you an ebook on few advertising techniques which which is legal but tricky. You are guaranteed to get a click.
    Mail me at or


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