Not easy to replace bowlers like Muralitharan and Vaas, says Misbah ul Haq – Cricket News Update

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Not easy to replace bowlers like Muralitharan and Vaas, says Misbah ul Haq – Cricket News Update
Misbah ul Haq, the captain of Pakistan cricket team, has expressed that he understands what the Sri Lankan team is going through at the moment, after the retirement of some of the high-class bowlers, and believes that it would have been difficult for any
team to survive after losing such great cricketers.
The legendary off-spinner,
The left-arm fast bowler,, has also been very successful in International cricket over the years, and he is also not available for the Islanders anymore either.
To make the situation worse, is also not available for Test cricket because of his injury issues. The whole situation has made sure that Sri Lanka has a very thin bowling attack, especially in the longer version of the sport.
Misbah feels that losing bowlers of such stature was always going to be a problem for the Sri Lankan team, especially because they have been extremely superb since the last couple of decades.
The Pakistan captain expressed, "Regarding Vaas and Muralitharan no longer being available for Sri Lanka, it is bound to affect a team when you lose bowlers who have served the team for more than 10 years. It's very difficult to replace those sort of bowlers."
Pakistan faced a similar kind of a situation after the retirement of, who are considered to be the greatest pair of fast bowling in the history of the game. However, Pakistan is surely one of the most fertile lands when it comes
to producing fast bowlers of the highest quality. The Green Shirts have been lucky to have the services of after the departure of the two legendary bowlers.
"Pakistan found that out when Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis retired. However with we just keep on producing good bowlers. I'm not saying that we are producing bowlers of the calibre of Wasim and Waqar regularly, rather we are producing bowlers who
are very good and can perform well in international cricket,” Misbah added.



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