Nostalgic anorexia

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Nostalgic anorexia

If you have recovered from being anorexia, you are supposed to serve to prevent others from falling into an eating disorder. The shortcuts have the opposite effect where people read online looking for tricks to lose weight. And worse, many writers giving the true disease halo of mysticism that has, as explained in the New Yorker by Alice Gregory, The writer and literary critic, who suffered eating disorders for years, complaining that most books postanorexia what they get is that this is a disease that people want to have. because they have to anorexia as a state of spiritual asceticism be proud of. Gregory wants to end this myth and confesses that costs not discuss his condition because he is depressed, but because he gets bored, so soporific that was devote your mental energy to calorie counting. When it comes to writing about anorexia, the only truly radical option would clearly show how deeply boring it is.

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