Nick Faldo doubts Tiger Woods’ continued resurgence and says he has “broken concentration”

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Nick Faldo doubts Tiger Woods’ continued resurgence and says he has “broken concentration”

Tiger Woods might be experiencing a rare resurgence in his sport and career for the moment, but his performance is far from satisfactory for the veteran Nick Faldo.
The Englishman revealed his fears and reservations about Woods future performance and said that he might be successful in winning a few more events but he still lacks the concentration required to jolt back to his once glorious form.
Woods will be tee-ing this week at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, his season-starter, and will be hoping to continue his winning streak that he just broke about six weeks ago.
Faldo, however, insists it will be tough for the former world number one.
Faldo said, "Tiger would win a tournament, disappear, come back, and round one [he played] without rust".
Faldo continued to tell Golf Monthly, "He'd come back and shoot 63 on day one, holing every putt. All that is not as easy [for him] as it used to be. He's fighting a lot of things. How good is his knee? How good is he technically? How good is his confidence? His concentration is broken".
The 14-major-winner is brimming with confidence and stated that he is feeling good about his game at the moment.
The 36-year-old said "I'm fit and ready to go," ahead of the Abu Dhabi event.
Woods had yet another turbulent year in 2011, where he continuously wrestled his way through events and consecutive injuries. He finally won the Chevron World Challenge title at the end of the PGA Tour season.
He suffered knee and Achilles injuries in the mid of the year, where he had to abstain from tee-ing off both at the US Open and the Open Championship.
Later on, he returned to tee-off at the PGA Championship only to miss the cut.
Woods is currently poised at number 25 on the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR) and hopes to improve his position to work his way back in the top-10.
He fell out of the top-50 for the first time in 15 years earlier and managed to climb back with his stellar performance in Australian Open and the Australian Masters.
He played brilliantly in the President’s Cup, where he silenced his critics who had been bashing Captain Fred Couples for making a bad choice.
The Abu Dhabi event will be a hard nut to crack for the resurging Woods, where the desert generally takes a toll on the players.
Apart from the rough conditions, the field comprises of some of the trailblazing players of the sport, including world number Luke Donald, number two Lee Westwood, number three Rory McIlroy and the undisputed king of Abu Dhabi, Martin Kaymer.  
The German has won the title thrice in the past four years and holds a penchant for the revered course. 



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