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i've just returned to newcastle after a few years away and the place has changed so much! all my old haunts have become trendy wine bars. so where are the best places to go? i do lots of art/comics/writing/photography in my spare time, so i'm just looking for somewhere i can hang out, have a drink and do some sketching etc. where do the art school crowd go to in newcastle?






  2. What bars did you used to go to?

    I cannot say I know where such people go to be honest, if not university bars or rock bars there is nothing much else outside of trendy wine bars and charver filled clubs – unfortunately I making Newcastle a capital of culture they seem to have killed off culture for the sake of pleasing Booze Britain yobs – not that I'm bitter, but hey I've never left and seen the changes come on fast, I'm rock scene [not goth, metaler, punk or any other such things] and our bars went overnight.

    Sorry hun, Newcastle has went down the hill over the past few years.

  3. The Side Cinema is still there, it just has new management.  The quayside has still a few unchanged pubs but sadly the wine bars prevail so I stay away most of the time.

    P.S. Welcome home.

  4. what ever happened to the likely lads ?

  5. Despite what Jadea just said, last time I was up there there was still the Cooperage on the Quayside, exactly the same as it ever was. There was still the Crown Posada, the Bridge Hotel, the Percy Arms and the Forth Hotel, all totally unchanged. Some of my old haunts have gone or been completely changed too, and that is sad, but that's life.

    There are a lot of new Hotels, clubs, restaurants and trendy bars, but if there is room for them; it's not such a bad thing.

    No idea where the art school crowd would go though. The Westgate Road area is very different since the bypass went through the middle.

  6. 'Big Mussels'

  7. Yes please and we could have it on the Tudedo Junction to see if that has changed.

  8. There are a few art students working in Rafferty's bar on pink lane. Beers cheap too! They will be able to point you in the right direction i am sure they are a really friendly lot, staff and punters. Hope this helps you!

    Should have said WELCOME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. free trade has not changed good view of tyne millennium bridge etc  the ship and cluny under byker bridge good bars can sit outside and relax the tyne bar gets some good live bands on (its on mailing street just off byker bank )

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